Pharaoh fiber was established in 1982 by Mr. Mostafa Azzam in Cairo, Egypt. This personable,family run company has grown throughout the years to become one of the leading monofilement producers in the regions. Joined in the last 10 years by Mostafa’s sons, Khaled and Hatem Azzam, Pharaoh Fiber has remained a family run business which has surpassed its competitors in quality of product, personability with their clients and remarkable service within as well as outside of Egypt.




Pharaoh Fibers manufactures PET, PP and PBT for local and export productions



Recycling of PET is a fast growing market segment. Besides the good mechanical and thermal properties of PET the quality of our final product is depending strongly on performance and process technology of collection, selection, cleaning and final processing.

30 countries

We export to over 30 countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Our close ties with our partners in Africa and the middle East are Our solid base that allow us to gain the trust of new partners in Europe.

100% trust-worthy

we take pride in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with our partners.After over 30 years in the industry pharaoh Fiber knows they key to success is quality

On-time delivery

Quality is over-rated without on-time delivery. in our industry. this is paramount for maintaining long-lasting relationships with partners. pharaoh Fibers always honor  their delivery time.



Interbrush exhibition

APRRIL 24 . 2016

celebrating 42 year
anniversary 2024

APRRIL 21 . 2016

Iso 9001 certification 2014

FEBRUARY 11 . 2014



We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of quality and service to our clients. Our quality control department guarantees the highest standard of quality to assure our customers they will only receive perfection. We were fortunate enough to gain more knowledge and achieve a higher standard of quality through our joint venture with Plastic-fiber from 2009 till 2015